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Springfield Consulting is a Veteran-owned Physical Risk Management Firm headquartered in Northern California,  with over 30 years of security experience. Our solutions in physical security are tailored to transparently blend with our clients, specifically designed not to overshadow or interfere with their business objectives.  We place client goals first and then develop risk mitigation measures to support those outcomes. Security services are customizable and can be combined to meet the requirements of any organization. We look forward to helping our clients meet their business objectives while achieving maximum safety and efficiency. 


We are committed to providing our clients with reliable, professional, and personal service while ensuring their safety and security. It is our priority to ensure that the security staff deployed meets the highest standards through training and development.


It is important to us that we maintain an ethical standard that garners the trust of the community we serve.


As the global leader in safety and security services, our goal is to exceed customer expectations.